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Organic farming prioritizes the sustainable use of resources, taking the material and natural cycle into particular consideration – biological agriculture means recycling management. As few nutrients as possible are lost, as few as possible must be added. The environmental footprint is thus kept as low as possible.

Health and Effectivity
Many things speak for the high health value of plant-based active agents from organic producers: far fewer residues, the exclusion of chemical-sythetic pesticides and easily soluble mineral fertilizers; even the active agent content of organic raw plant materials is superior to that of conventional products. Organic production guarantees the highest standards during production and processing, and a control for these standards.

Climate Protection and Clean Air
Biological agriculture uses some 50% less energy than convential forms – less energy means fewer greenhouse gases. Fertilizers: Conventional agriculture requires artificial fertilizers, which contribute to global warming in more than one way. The manufacture
of the fertilizers is very energy intensive (and requires fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal), and is responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases and air pollutants. Its use leads to the emission of nitrous oxide. These fertilizers also make the ground sour; to balance this effect, calcium carbonate is added – which produces CO2. Fertilizers inhibit the soil micro-organisms that prevent methane – a powerful greenhouse gas – from being released into the atmosphere. By foregoing agricultural chemicals, biological agriculture creates a far better energy balance and supports active soil micro-organisms, reducing emissions. Ground: Soil is a CO2 retainer. Intensive cultivation leads to the release of CO2 in the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming. Biological agriculture lessens CO2 emissions.

Unstressed grounds
The foundation of organic farming is a largely closed-loop operating cycle, in which soil fertility is maintained and resources are protected. That‘s why the cultivated areas of an organic farm support, on average, 50 to 80 percent more earthworms than conventional grounds. The result is a high concentration of top soil, making the ground particularly absorptive. This prevents erosion and protects against damage caused by flood waters.



Adresse: Fugbachgasse 17/3-5, 1020 Vienne
Telefonnummer: +4319074505
Stadt: Vienna
Postleitzahl: 1020

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